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Sandra noticed a deer laying down in a corner of our garden yesterday.  Thinking she was just taking a nap, Sandra went about her business.  A short while later, she noticed that the deer was still there – but now she had a tiny fawn with her, still struggling to stand on its brand new, unsteady legs.

We’ve always tried to live comfortably with the many creatures that share our garden, and we felt quite honoured that Momma deer felt this was a safe place for her.  Deer regularly pass through our property, sometimes even stopping to bed down for a nap, or for the night.  But this is the first time we’ve hosted such an intimate event.

We watched Momma and her baby for some time, leaving them plenty of space so as not to stress them.  She kept one eye on us as she went about her bonding, and her nuzzling, and as baby curled up between her legs and found lunch.  One of the greatest experiences a person can have is to make a real connection with wildlife.  When Momma looked directly at me, we were connected.  When she calmly went back to her own business, it was a vote of confidence – a message that she was OK with me if I was OK with her.  I take that as a gift, and as a privilege.


Late update:  Jesse saw Momma and her baby again this morning, but this time baby had a tiny sibling.


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