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Bio:  Kathleen Arnason


Kathleen is a best-selling Canadian Author with six published books.  She is excited that Ballet Victoria will be performing, in the spring of 2015, a ballet she wrote titled “Live Have Sex and Die (the dance of the Mayfly).”  She is a one-on-one creative writing and motivational coach helping clients build their books and tell their stories through her Just Show UP Method.

Kathleen has developed and managed major international, national and regional projects across Canada and spent years in tourism and community development.   She has a background in research and has been involved with numerous provincial and federal studies related to the Environment, Canadian Aboriginal, Metis and First Nations Health and Women’s Health and Safety.

Kathleen is the Chairperson of The World Children’s Summit on Peace and Nature, a project dear to her heart which she designed and which, with the help of the children and some amazing folks, will be held in Victoria May 19-22/2015.

Kathleen calls herself a planetarian.  She believes we are all connected to each other and the planet, and that it is our responsibility and mission to ensure that everything we do NOW benefits all humanity! That the footprints we leave are ones we can be proud of.  We must begin with the children to reverse what has been done to our environment and no longer turn our heads when innocent people of the world are allowed to starve, be killed, beaten and abused by those who have no conscious.  We must say YES to LIFE, YES to NATURE and YES to PEACE – if not for ourselves, then for the CHILDREN.

An expert in the use and practice of Appreciative Inquiry techniques as a catalyst for positive change, Kathleen used her knowledge to develop The Core Inquiry.  For boards, business, non-profits, organizations and individuals, this practise works with people to help them strive to view challenges as opportunities, raising productivity and creativity, maximizing employee appreciation and self-empowerment both within organizations and within communities.

She also has many years of experience as a fundraiser, specializing in designing brand campaign plans, along with new ways to build donor and volunteer bases.

Aside from the above Kathleen comes from a nursing background and taught competitive figure skating, however she is most proud of being able to say she is the mother of two amazing young men: her sons Joseph and Tomas!  Kathleen is also the recipient of The Queen’s Jubilee Medal – presented for her work in Arts and Culture – and The Victoria Hospitality Award.


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